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201 N Main
Belfield, ND

323 18th St W
Dickinson, ND

119 Main St SE
LaMoure, ND

209 4th St NW
South Heart, ND

PO Box 370
Ellendale, ND


Business Accounts


Great Plains Basic Business
  • Just maintain either a minimum daily balance of $200 or a minimum average daily balance of $400 - Only $2.00 per month and $.15 per debit will be imposed if you fall below these balances
  • Monthly statement with check images included
  • No interest
  • $200.00 minimum opening balance required
Great Plains Interest Business (Offered only to businesses as allowed by law)
  • Just maintain a minimum daily balance of $500 or a minimum average daily balance of $1,000 - Only $5.00 per month service charge and $.15 per debit plus any accrued interest will be forfeited
  • Monthly statements with check images
  • Interest paid monthly at a variable rate
  • Interest rates are tiered based on the following balances:
    • $150,000 and over
    • $75,000 to $149,999.99
    • $25,000 to $74,999.99
    • $0 to $24,999.99
  • $500.00 minimum opening balance required
Great Plains Business Account Analysis
  • $500 minimum opening balance required
  • No interest earned
  • Monthly statements with check images
  • $10.00 per month service charge
  • Per item deposit charge based on where they originate; that is, if the deposit is drawn on Great Plains National Bank - $0.04; local banks as designated by us - $0.04; foreign or all other - $0.07
  • $0.15 per debit charge
  • Charge for a negative collected balance at 2% above the National Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal (this is calculated for each day the collected balance is negative)
  • Reserve Requirement equals 10%
  • Charge back items - $2.00 per debit
  • Earnings credit will be calculated at a rate based on the prior quarter average 90-day Treasury Bill rate
  • Earnings credit will offset monthly service charges
The bank, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to not offer certain types of business accounts to all businesses.
The bank also reserves the right to convert your business account to any other type of business account offered by them as allowable by law and federal regulations.
Bank Club will be offered to only sole proprietor and partnership accounts.
MMDA and Savings accounts for businesses will be the same as for individuals (consumer accounts).