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Whether you are saving for retirement, the purchase of a new vehicle or home, education, or just the security of knowing your money is secure and earning a competitive rate of interest. You will find our Certificates of Deposit to be an excellent investment.

We offer a variety of maturity dates, interest rates, and interest payment options. Our experienced account representatives will assist you in selecting the certificate to meet your needs.

It is never too early to begin planning and saving for retirement. Being able to live comfortably after retirement means starting early to make a regular contribution to an individual retirement account

Our account representatives can show you different plans and ways of contributing that will meet your needs.

Whether you choose a CD or IRA you can relax knowing that your investment is FDIC insured. So begin your saving plan today!

Certificate of Deposits 

Great Plains National Bank offers a variety of Certificate of Deposits to meet your every need. Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for the current interest rates.

We offer the following CD’s:
Minimum Balance

91 Day

$ 5,000.00
6 Month
$ 100.00
1 Year
$ 100.00
2 Year **
$ 100.00
3 Year **
$ 100.00
4 Year
$ 100.00
5 Year
$ 100.00

** 2 and 3 year CD's can be bumped up once during their term. The bump-up rate will equal the then current 2 or 3-year-term posted rate.

In addition, we offer a Special Certificate of Deposit. The Minimum Balance to open one of our Special CD’s is only $1,000.00.

7 to 10 month Certificate of Deposit
  • You choose the term that best fits your needs.
  • Public Funds and IRA Accounts are not eligible for specials
  • There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Great Plains National Bank also offers IRA Accounts for your retirement needs. We offer a variety of terms. The minimum balance to open an IRA Account is only $100.00.

6 Month
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
4 Year
5 Year
18 Month Variable

Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for the current interest rates.